Farewell She Goes is in post-production and you can read more about it here.

What is Farewell She Goes about?

Inspired by the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle (1761-1804), Farewell She Goes is a late 18th century story about two young women who sneak away from their strict stately home existence to lay their pet canary to rest. One white, one mixed race; these are cousins bonded by more than blood. Stood at the cusp of the ocean, it soon transpires that one of them is pregnant, and they contemplate what should be done.

Why are we telling this story?

The period drama genre has seen waves of interest in the past year, but still black women are relegated to playing the maid; a footnote in the history books. Not only is this factually incorrect – for wealthy, independent women of colour existed, as evidenced in the historical reality of Dido Elizabeth Belle – but it is a disservice to the inclusive and expansive stories that we could be telling.

The heart of this story is a friendship between two women, grappling with life changing circumstances, whose secrets lie at the bottom of the ocean and whose hearts lie with each other.


Further Development

A feature length script is already in development and we plan to use this short as a proof of concept to gain sufficient financial support to shoot the feature-length version.


Written by Claire Tailyour 

Produced by and Starring Cat White & Isabella Speaight

Directed by Sophie King

Cinematography by Ann Evelin Lawford

Co-produced by Savannah Power

Executive produced by Cat White